Welcome to Essential Resources
Welcome to Essential Resources

Essential Resources is an innovative educational publisher of supplementary teaching resources and ebooks. We produce a diverse range of resources including maths and literacy worksheets and activities. Our resources are noted in many schools throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia for their professionalism, relevance and style. They are written, with passion, by teachers who want to help make teachers’ lives easier and promote students’ lifelong learning skills.

We are continually seeking to increase our range of effective, current educational tools to support educators and promote learning in the early childhood, primary and secondary school environment. This commitment to diversity, quality and innovation makes Essential Resources your first stop for essential teaching resources.

Featured Series
(1 item in series)
Demonstrates how SOLO Taxonomy can be used easily and effectively to help students think mathematically
(4 items in series)
Independent, brain-flexing activities to consolidate measurement, geometry, statistics and probability learning
New Releases
(4 items in series)
Engaging activities to get the most from biology, physics, chemistry, and earth and space science texts
(2 items in series)
Your personal organiser and teaching guide, designed for New Zealand primary and intermediate teachers
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