Post: A quick snapshot of Floorbooks®



A quick snapshot of Floorbooks®

Discover how to use Floorbooks® - where thoughts, ideas and open-ended questions are recorded by children and their educators.

What is a Floorbook®?

A Floorbook is a large book in which thoughts, ideas and open-ended questions are recorded by children and their educators.

Why might you use a Floorbook?


Floorbooks make the planning cycle visible.

The book collates child-centred ideas (without reframing) that educators use to create Possible Lines of Development/Direction. (PLODs)

A mind map at the back of the Floorbook summarises and indexes the PLODs.

Curriculum outcomes are linked to indexed PLODs. (Evidence of the PLODs is throughout the Floorbook.)


Floorbooks document the learning journey.

Keeping all thinking together in one place helps shows a depth of learning over time.

Thinking and ideas can be recorded in a variety of ways eg. photos, educator observations, children’s drawings and scribed talk.

Different children can contribute at different times.

Children can revisit books, reinforcing and extending their learning.

What is the Floorbook approach?

  • Responsive teaching
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • An effective way of ensuring student agency




This is used as a central location for the documentation of the process of play and the accountability to curriculum. 


Talking Tub


Talking tub

To find out more about the Floorbook approach, see Dr Claire Warden’s article Planning with and for children, check out her latest book and visit her website.

About the author

Claire Warden is an educational consultant who has developed her approach to nature pedagogy and experiential learning through a variety of experiences. Her experiences have taken her on a pathway that includes working in a variety of types of centre, advisory work, and lecturing in further education.


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