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Watching children’s theatre online

Essential Resources has made it easy to bring the magic of children's theatre to classrooms everywhere. Here is everything you need to know!
Childrens Theatre online

Watch when, where and how you like

Watching Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre is easy. You don’t need any special equipment or software. And the best part is you don’t need to organise permission slips or travel arrangements to get the full experience. The show is played via a web browser so you can watch on any device that has access to the internet.

Once you’ve booked in, watching is as simple as clicking on the link in your subscription email. You log in to our online storage system, Filebox. Then click on the show link and start viewing.

The show can be readily watching in one sitting. It has run time of the show is 58 minutes (including 2 minutes of credits). The Audio Described version of the show takes an extra minute or two. But depending on your students and teaching requirements, you can easily break the show into more watchable segments of approximately 20-minute sessions.

Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre is produced by Tim Bray Company. They are New Zealand’s longest-running professional children’s theatre company. So you can be assured the production will be of the highest standard. High-quality audio and video, a wonderful cast of professional actors, vibrant set design, colourful costumes, and strong visual cues contribute to children’s enjoyment of the performance and create an immersive experience for your classroom.

The magic of children’s theatre for everyone

We believe that the magic of children’s theatre should be available to children everywhere, no matter their location or accessibility needs. That’s why, along with the standard version of Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre, three accessibility-friendly versions are available as well:

  • Open Captioned – includes English language captions for dialogue and lyrics at the foot of the screen
  • NZSL – includes a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter in the corner of the screen to interpret dialogue and lyrics for D/deaf and NZSL users
  • Audio Described – includes commentary to describe the visual action on screen, in addition to dialogue, music and songs, for blind and visually impaired viewers.

Each of these versions is a joyful, entertaining performance, perfect for children across a variety of learning needs and abilities, including ESOL students, blind and visually impaired students and hearing impaired students.

Children's Theatre

How the children’s theatre online subscription works

When you subscribe to Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre, you have access for seven days from the first day of your scheduled booking. We understand that you need time to prepare, so we’ve made it really easy. Just contact us using the form on our website, choose the date you’d like your subscription to begin, and let us do all the hard work for you.

During your subscription period, you have an unlimited number of viewings. This is perfect because it may suit your learner’s to watch the show in parts. Or watch the entire show as many times as they like. Don’t forget that you can only view the show on one device at a time. But switching devices is as easy as logging out of one device and logging into another.

We’ve got the perfect accompaniment

We’ve made sure that your online theatre experience is as easy as possible. Every subscription includes the choice of two, free, downloadable teaching guides. These guides are the perfect accompaniment to your online theatre experience.

The two teaching guides reflect the age and stage of the children you work with. They are available to download at any time before, during or after your subscription period. And they can be used indefinitely after your subscription has ended.

The teaching guides will enhance and extend the learning experience for your class, and have been written in conjunction with educations experts. Each guide includes curriculum links and covers over 25 age-appropriate teaching ideas and activities for before, during and after your online theatre experience.

The activities in the guides refer and connect to the nine books by Joy Cowley that the online theatre performance is adapted from:

  • Greedy Cat Is Hungry
  • What Does Greedy Cat Like?
  • Along Came Greedy Cat
  • Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
  • Greedy Cat’s Door
  • Greedy Cat and the Goldfish
  • Lunch for Greedy Cat
  • Greedy Cat and the Birthday Cake
  • Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show

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