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Online professional development courses for teachers just like you

We believe in supporting educators with the tools they need to make a difference. That's why we developed online professional development courses for early childhood teachers.
Online Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Helping teachers provide quality education

Essential Resources started from a deep desire to create quality support material that helps teachers teach and children learn. And we’ve been doing exactly that for the last 22 years.

The aim of any early childhood teacher is to nurture babies, toddlers and young children’s learning and development. To do that, you need the latest information to encourage rich learning environments. We provide early childhood educators with wide range of innovative resources that are strongly grounded in what works in the early childhood setting.

By collaborating with professional educator-authors, we produce top-quality resources for early childhood services, tertiary institutions, governments and like-minded organisations. Written and designed to maximise young children’s learning potential, our resources extend educator’s professional practice. Early years resources should offer essential information, guidance on management and professional development, advice, innovative ideas, and inspiration. And our resources do exactly that.

Online professional development courses

New online professional development courses for teachers

Because we are a highly-regarded publisher of training resources, we are keenly aware of the need to provide quality learning opportunities for early childhood education and care services. The same goes for parents, carers and families because they are important too. By supporting best practices, educators find it easier to enrich children’s learning and benefit both families and the wider community.

To this end, we are offering online professional development courses for teachers in 2023. Using evidence informed practice, our courses underpin the national Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. Specifically designed to build on and refresh existing knowledge and skills, they improve pedagogical practice for all early childhood educators.

The three professional development packages integrate online learning and support books, because both research-based approaches are needed. This enables educators to engage in sustained learning on a specific topic. Each course provides access to timely information, and in doing so, gives educators the opportunity to view and revisit the content for twelve months, on their own schedule. Using this integrated approach helps promote service-level change because it enables multiple educators in a service to participate in professional learning together.

Courses for Early Childhood Teachers

An online course to suit everyone working with children

We offer the following three accessible and affordable online courses.

The Foundations of Communication, Language and Literacy

This self-paced course was developed by highly regarded and popular educator-author Kay Margetts. Designed specifically to support and build knowledge on contemporary practice around communication, language and literacy, it focuses on six strands of early language and literacy learning and development: listening; speaking; music and language; stories and storytelling; learning about print; and sound. All supported throughout by photographs, links to Victorian DET information, videos and reflection questions. And five related support books are included in the package.

Cultural and Social Inclusion

This course is written and presented by Anne Houghton, who is a highly experienced kindergarten teacher, cluster manager, consultant, PD presenter, lecturer and author. Because of her expertise, the course delves into how to build a sense of belonging and engagement in children and families who have diverse cultural backgrounds and how to include them in meaningful ways in your early childhood service. Presented as four modules, each module provides two 30-minute videos supported by downloadable worksheets, case studies, reflection questions and four support books.

Building Social and Emotional Skills and Wellbeing

Also designed by Anne Houghton, this course helps educators reflect on both VEYLDF and EYLF learning outcomes. With over four hours of video content, each of the modules enables educators to build, develop and refresh existing knowledge for supporting social and emotional learning and wellbeing in young children. And the online course is supported by downloadable worksheets featuring case studies and questions for reflection as well as four related books.

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Victorian School Readiness Funding supplier

Essential Resources are thrilled to be able to support early childhood educators by being a preferred supplier for the Victorian School Readiness Funding program. Our three online professional development courses are items on the menu of evidence in 2023. They focus on the three priority areas of:

  • Communication (language development)
  • Wellbeing (social and emotional)
  • Access and Inclusion

Ready to start your professional learning journey?

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get a jump start on your professional development for the 2023 teaching year. We can’t wait to help you support young children and provide quality early childhood education. If you have any questions about our upcoming professional development courses, please contact us. Or if you have any suggestions about new areas of professional development for teachers you’d like to see, reach out. We are constantly looking to expand our offerings and we’d love to hear from you.


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How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar

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Building Social and Emotional Skills and Wellbeing

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Cultural and Social Inclusion

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Foundations of Communication, Language and Literacy