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The A to Z of Essential Resources

To celebrate 2023, here is the A to Z of Essential Resources. We're highlighting our top new releases, some long-time favourites, and the unique service we provide. Enjoy!
A to Z of Essential Resources

As we step into the promising realms of 2024, it’s only fitting to embark on a comprehensive exploration of the year’s most indispensable tools and services. Join us on a journey from A to Z as we unveil a curated compilation designed to showcase a blend of our top new releases, time-tested favourites, and the distinctive services that set Essential Resources apart. Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or a newcomer eager to explore, there’s something for everyone in our lineup.

The A to Z of Special Needs Essential Resources

A is for Additional needs and inclusion

This year, we released the second edition of the insightful resource, The A to Z of Special Needs, which focuses on using an evidence-based approach to promote inclusive, success-focused settings for all children.

Better Teaching with Essential Resources

B is for Better teaching with Essential Resources

Since we started over 20 years ago, we have aimed to be a leading supplier of professional teaching resources. In 2023, we expanded to include professional development courses that build and refresh educators’ existing knowledge in key learning areas.

C is for Curriculum-aligned resources

We have resources for early childhood educators that support the learning outcomes of Te Whāriki. Likewise, our primary and secondary resources have been designed to align the New Zealand curriculum, as can be seen in Solving Real-world Maths Problems.

D is for Discovering Aotearoa New Zealand

The Discovering Aotearoa New Zealand series supports our tamariki to learn more about the history of Aotearoa and its relevance in their lives. The books offer imaginative activities to make history accessible to young New Zealanders.

E is for Essential Resources at your fingertips

Join our community by following us on Facebook or Instagram, or by signing up to our weekly email. We will keep you in the loop on our new releases, handy teaching tips and freebies.

F is for Fake news education

Teach students about misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories in a post-truth era. Exploring Fake News and Teaching Media Literacy through Contemporary Issues are valuable resources for teaching students how to critically analyse messages they see online and in the media.  

G is for Grammar games

Recognising grammar is often invisible as well as complex. Warm-up Games for Grammar  brings it out into the open so that children can see it, play with it and understand how and why they need to learn about it.

H is for How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar

A highlight of our year was releasing How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar. Written by Helen Walls with Christine Braid, this resource takes an empirical evidence-based approach to teaching writing across primary school years. We also produced an online professional development course, by the same name, to support teachers in unlocking the secrets to effective writing instruction.

I is for iUgo digital planner from Essential Resources

A member of the Essential Resources family, iUgo is a powerful online teacher planner, connected to an integrated resource library and aligned to the curriculum. Believe it or not, it is fun to use, takes the stress out of planning, and makes compliance easy.

J is for Journey through Aotearoa history

To support teachers and students in navigating through the history of Aotearoa, we released two insightful series in 2023, one of which is Aotearoa New Zealand History and You. This series helps primary teachers to implement Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories curriculum and Te Takanga o Te Wā within their primary school classroom.

K is for Knowledgeable Essential Resources staff

We pride ourselves in being accessible to our customers either through email, our call centre or social media. When you talk to us, you will find we live and breathe education and we are here to help you in any way we can.

L is for Language and literacy resources for ECE

We provide a range of language and literacy resources. These includes books that support EAL learners in the early years. The aim of these is to give children a sound foundation for future learning.

M is for Marie Clay at Essential resources

Marie Clay pioneered the Reading Recovery program and we proud to be the sole distributor of Marie Clay books and sheet pads in New Zealand.

N is for Number Knowledge

Number Knowledge is an extensive series. There are maths resources covering Stages 1 to 8, and topics such as number identification, sequence and order, grouping and place value, and basic facts.

O is for Open-ended problem solving

Open-ended solving in maths expands rather than restricts thinking and encourages creativity. Read Three excellent ideas for teaching problem solving to learn more.

P is for Professional development courses

A major milestone we made in 2023 was expanding into the online professional development space. With the help of our highly regarded authors, we released online professional development courses for early childhood education and effective writing instruction. Watch this space for more courses in 2024!

Q is for Quick access Essential Resources ebooks

As well as being available as hardcopies, our resources can also be purchased as ebooks. This gives you immediate access. Early childhood education resources are Vital Source ebooks, while primary school resources come as an ebook PDF.

R is for Reading support with Story Seekers

Story Seekers Series 3 was released in 2023 – literacy support for struggling readers. This series features a greater selection of non-fiction books and is aimed at students aged 9 to 12 years with a reading level of 7.5 to 8 years. And stay tuned for our next release in early 2024!

S is for SOLO Taxonomy

We are proud to publish a range of SOLO Taxonomy resources written by Pam Hook, “the best implementer of SOLO,” which help you to bring this powerful model of learning to your classroom – regardless of year level or curriculum area.

T is for Teacher planner from Essential Resources

The Essential Planner is the companion primary and intermediate school teachers need to tackle the demands of the job. With a yearly overview, weekly planning diary and resources for key curriculum areas, you will be ready to go in 2024.

U is for Understanding Feelings

Understanding Feelings is a secondary school resource for health education. It uses straightforward information and authentic activities to help students explore their own responses to the issues young people face.

V is for Valuable teachers and educators

This one is for you, the amazing educators and teachers out there! We know how challenging your job is and we thank you for the work you do each day.

W is for Warm-up activities for your classroom

It is handy to have a stash of warm-up activities, like those in Warm-up Games for Writing, to fill in gaps, hook students into a new topic, or reinforce learning.

X is for X-factor support at Essential Resources

Our aim has always been to make teachers’ lives easier. Our team does this by working with experts worldwide to create relevant, engaging and time-saving teaching solutions.

Y is for You’re Telling the Story

Tell the story of the child as a learner with a meaningful and effective mode of documentation, learning stories. Check out You’re Telling the Story.

Z is for Zero-fuss Essential Resources orders

Our orders are shipped within three to five business days and can be expected one to three days after postage. Orders are shipped by New Zealand Post or by local courier. We also provide immediate access through our ebooks.


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