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Technology in Action Bk 2


Tips for effective teaching in technology

ISBN: 9781877523762
Code: 5546
Technology in Action Bk 2 Cover
Get technology into action. This series offers practical, school-wise guidance and support with resources that are designed for both general classrooms and specialist technology centre rooms. It develops understanding of technological practice – the process of developing a technological outcome. It also suggests collaborative strategies to optimise learning and includes a range of photocopiable graphic organisers and other worksheets that transfer into any context and any technological area. The author is a former Ministry of Education E-Fellow and Microsoft New Zealand’s Most Innovative Teacher, 2009.

Pages: 48 | Ages: 8-12

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About the Author

Picture of Deidre Senior
Deidre is deputy principal at Oamaru Intermediate School in New Zealand. As well as having taught at all levels in schools, she has worked extensively with teachers, delivering professional development in a range of curriculum areas. In 2009 she was a Ministry of Education E-Fellow and Microsoft New Zealand’s Most Innovative Teacher. Deidre's books have come about as a result of her work in leading a Technology team and identifying a resource gap. They are intended to support teaching and learning programmes, as well as supporting and expanding teacher knowledge in technology.

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