Maths in the Inclusive Classroom: Book 2


A differentiated maths program for junior secondary schools

ISBN: 9781921613494
Code: TS0154
Maths in the Inclusive Classroom: Book 2 Cover

A practical solution to the problem of delivering maths across many years of mathematical development that ensures genuine differentiation in the heterogeneous classroom.

  • The lesson format provides opportunities for every student in the class to learn at their own level.
  • All students work on a similar learning outcome, but at a ‘just right’ level to maximise their opportunity to learn.
  • Each lesson has tasks at three levels: below level, at level and beyond level.
  • Meets all demands of the Australian National Curriculum for mathematics.

The PDF contains the planning, assessment and tracking sheets plus all student resource sheets, for use on electronic whiteboards.

Pages: 96 | Ages: 12-14

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About the Authors

Picture of Jodie Parsons
After completing her degree at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia, Jodie Parsons, BSc (Hons), Grad Dip, was delighted to start her teaching career by returning to schools in the western suburbs of Melbourne where she had been schooled. As a classroom teacher, Jodie became dissatisfied with her ability to improve student outcomes in mathematics while delivering the curriculum in the prescribed way. Finding a like mind in Yvonne Reilly, she has been collaborating with her professionally since 2007. She has co-authored papers in 2009, 2010 and 2011 describing the development of the numeracy programme at Sunshine College, Melbourne, which she has presented annually at Mathematics Association of Victoria conferences as well as delivering a keynote address with Yvonne at the 2014 conference. Jodie presented her work on differentiation and reciprocal teaching in mathematics at conferences in the USA and New Zealand and has delivered professional development to classroom teachers across Australia. Jodie is mum to Ben, Taylor, Kane and Harry.
Picture of Yvonne Reilly
Originally a Scottish research scientist, Yvonne Reilly, BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSL (Num), started teaching maths and science at Sunshine College, Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Yvonne completed her Master degree in school leadership, specialising in numeracy, at Monash University in 2011. She co-authored several papers with Jodie Parsons describing the work at Sunshine College, and has presented at Mathematics Association of Victoria conferences since 2009 and at international conferences. The change she has led in maths education at Sunshine College has been highlighted in the media. She was a finalist as educator of the year in the Brimbank Australia Day awards 2014 and collected an award for “dedicated service to the community”at the annual Brimbank Australia Day Thanksgiving awards. Yvonne is mum to Lauren, Jordan and Ryan.