First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy Non photocopiable

Use First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy to reap the benefits of a model that suits both teachers and students. Make learning so transparent that all involved can readily use SOLO Taxonomy to identify and describe what they are doing, explain how well it is going, and predict what the next steps are.

Ages: 5-18 years

About the Author

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Pam Hook

Pam Hook is an educational consultant who advises schools and institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the Pacific Islands on developing curricula and pedagogies for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She is a popular keynote speaker at conferences. Pam is author of more than 25 books on SOLO Taxonomy, including titles translated into Danish, and has developed a series of SOLO web-based apps, Apple iPad apps and YouTube videos. She hosts collaborative online communities for SOLO practitioners on Twitter @arti_choke @globalsolo and Pinterest