JillE Read Aloud - Year 2

JillE Read Alouds, written by literacy expert, educator and author Jill Eggleton, engage readers with texts that spark emotion, imagination, critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity, providing authentic opportunities for social-emotional learning in every fiction text to support children as they develop foundational thinking skills and foster a love for reading. Each of the stories is thoughtfully designed for educators to read to their children and model the reading behaviour of good readers: engaging the listener, enhancing the reading, enjoying the story and extending the experience. In crafting these stories, Jill Eggleton attends to all these aspects and uses rich vocabulary, text type, writing and language features throughout. Every page is carefully considered to ensure enjoyment for young listeners. Illustrations for each book ensure that tension is held, and contribute to the child’s desire to keep reading. The vibrant, captivating art deepens the reading experience and children’s enjoyment of each story. The artists are highly-skilled at bringing the story to life visually.

Ages: 3-8 years

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About the Author

Picture of Jill Eggleton

Jill Eggleton

Jill Eggleton is an internationally recognised literacy consultant, teacher, and author of over 1000 children's books. She was appointed Companion of the Queen's Service Order (QSO) in the New Zealand 2010 New Year Honours for services to education and literacy. The same year, she was presented with Storylines' top award, the Margaret Mahy Medal, given annually for lifetime achievement and an outstanding contribution to children's literature and literacy.

Jill writes to engage children by captivating their minds while touching their hearts, to help them discover and make sense of the world, and to affirm their cultural identity. A hallmark feature of her work is the support she includes on the inside front and back covers for the reader. This maximises the listener's enjoyment and encourages a love of reading. The other important aspect of Jill's work is that social and emotional learning is authentically woven throughout all the fiction books she writes.