About Essential Resources

Essential Resources is a New Zealand business born over 20 years ago.

Founder-family pair, Nicola Smith and Geraldine Sloane, were busy enough with full-time jobs and 6 children under 10 between them. Nevertheless, they could not help but notice that their children’s teachers were extremely busy too. As a result, they quickly made it their mission to help teachers support and inspire a lifelong love of learning. All from Nicola’s kitchen table.

They set out on an exciting journey creating resources across the curriculum. As time progressed, the Essential Resources team worked hard to become the ‘go to’ place for teachers to find innovative, inspiring resources. Today, we are proud to say, our publications are used around the world. Particularly throughout Australasia with over 90% of New Zealand and 50% of Australian schools using them every day.

Essential Resources believes education opens the door to a world of opportunities. Teachers need engaging, relevant and time-saving solutions to facilitate a great education. Giving teachers their time back allows them to spend more quality time teaching and guiding students through a task. As well as through the week and through their time at school.

Our mantra is “We literally live, eat, breathe, sleep and dream about making teachers’ working lives easier”. For that reason, our team strives to achieve this with the support of our valued team of educators, editors, designers and web developers. They engage with experts throughout the world to gain insight as to how we can make educators’ working lives easier. We also provide teaching tools in a range of flexible formats to ensure they are fit for purpose at a teacher, department, school and government level.

If you require more information about any of our resources, please contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 0800 087 376
Email: info@essentialresources.co.nz

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Cultural and Social Inclusion

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Foundations of Communication, Language and Literacy