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Blogs related to primary school subjects, teaching, learning, and more. Written by recognised author-educators and experienced staff. Each blog is tagged for easy filtering.

A to Z of Essential Resources

The A to Z of Essential Resources

To celebrate 2023, here is the A to Z of Essential Resources. We’re highlighting our top new releases, some long-time favourites, and the unique service we provide. Enjoy!

SOLO Taxonomy

How to use SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom

It may be baby steps at first, but soon it will be strides. First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy shows primary and secondary school teachers how to implement this powerful model of learning.

Aotearoa New Zealand Histories resources from Essential Resources

Aotearoa New Zealand Histories primary resources

Aotearoa New Zealand and You and Discovering Aotearoa New Zealand – two series of engaging Aotearoa New Zealand Histories resources that align with the refreshed curriculum and create meaningful learning.

Narrative Writing

Inspiring ideas to help students with narrative writing

Dawn McMillan is an internationally recognised writer of picture books and educational texts. Her background is primary school teaching, with a special interest in writing and reading processes. She offers an insider’s guide to narrative writing.

Explicit Teaching works

Explicit teaching works

Dr Helen Walls, The Writing Teacher, explains why we should move away from constructivism and towards explicit teaching.

Music resources in Primary school

How to teach music using music resources in primary schools

Including music as a meaningful part of the curriculum can be challenging, particularly for those teachers unfamiliar with the subject. We draw on our primary school music resources to bring you easy and engaging activities to incorporate music into your classroom.

Start at sentence level for writing success

Start at sentence level for writing success

Sentence structure is a key component of teaching writing at primary school. Following the release of How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar, author Christine Braid explains how to build sentence knowledge clause by clause.

How to build confidence in struggling readers

How to build confidence in struggling readers

Few skills are more important in today’s world than reading. Yet, even though it is crucial, reading literacy has tracked downwards in New Zealand in the last 20 years. So how can we support struggling readers and build reading confidence?

Three excellent ideas for teaching problem solving

Three excellent ideas for teaching problem solving

Having engaging mathematics resources on hand is important for getting primary school students enthusiastic about the subject. Read on for creative ways to teach problem solving and get students looking forward to their next maths class.

The Top 22 Teacher Resources of 2022

The Top 22 Teacher Resources of 2022

The end of the year is upon us and what a year it has been. We wanted to say thank you for all your support and share with you the highlights of our year and the top 22 teacher resources of 2022, as decided by you!

engage young readers

How to engage young readers

Leaning on his time as a teacher, Paul Mason, highly published children’s writer, reflects on how he puts the child at the heart of what he writes – wanting children to see themselves in his stories.

Teaching dyslexic readers

Tips for teaching dyslexic readers

Students with dyslexia struggle to learn to read and spell. Compared with their peers (of the same intelligence, age or year level), dyslexic students progress at a slower rate and participating in reading, spelling and writing activities involves much more effort for them.

Teaching Climate Change

Integrating climate change into your curriculum

Why is climate change important to young people’s learning? In Years 7–11, students are already experiencing rapid physical, emotional and social changes in their own lives. As they see it, climate change may be just one more disaster that no one can do anything about.

Tales of teaching with Story Seekers

An interview with Tania Withers, Head of ESOL at St Joseph’s Catholic School in Wellington, about Essential Resources’ popular literacy resources, Story Seekers.

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