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Category: Secondary

Blog articles related to secondary school subjects, teaching, learning, issues, and more. Written by recognised educators, authors and staff. Each blog is tagged for easy filtering.

teaching media literacy

Four fun activities for teaching media literacy

To be connected and active citizens requires our students to be media literate. Giving our students opportunities to access, analyse and evaluate media today prepares them for tomorrow. Try our activities for teaching media literacy to support their learning.

Unpacking peer mentoring programs

Unpacking peer mentoring programs

Peer mentoring programs can be incredibly meaningful in ways that extend beyond secondary school. Read our blog to explore the value of peer mentoring.

A to Z of Essential Resources

The A to Z of Essential Resources

To celebrate 2023, here is the A to Z of Essential Resources. We’re highlighting our top new releases, some long-time favourites, and the unique service we provide. Enjoy!

SOLO Taxonomy

How to use SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom

It may be baby steps at first, but soon it will be strides. First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy shows primary and secondary school teachers how to implement this powerful model of learning.

Five ways to help students struggling with essay writing

Five ways to help students struggling with essay writing

“As cognitively demanding as chess”. Essay writing in secondary school English is a challenge. Particularly so for students struggling with literacy skills. This blog outlines five ways to support struggling students with essay writing.

The Top 22 Teacher Resources of 2022

The Top 22 Teacher Resources of 2022

The end of the year is upon us and what a year it has been. We wanted to say thank you for all your support and share with you the highlights of our year and the top 22 teacher resources of 2022, as decided by you!

teaching Fake news

Teaching your students about fake news

Dale Sutherland clarifies some key terms that help extend and deepen a discussion of fake news. She offers insights into teaching this challenging topic and its importance.

teenage anxiety

Teenage Anxiety and Learning

Teenage anxiety can have a profound effect on learning. Dee Doherty, educator, author and former special needs adviser, looks at some of the causes of teenage anxiety and suggests what schools and individual teachers can do to address this issue.

Relationships in the media

Relationships in the media

I’ve been giving some thought to how much relationships in media influence the way we think about relationships in real life. While the research findings on the subject aren’t unsurprising, it is clearly a highly relevant theme in teaching media literacy. 

Teaching Climate Change

Integrating climate change into your curriculum

Why is climate change important to young people’s learning? In Years 7–11, students are already experiencing rapid physical, emotional and social changes in their own lives. As they see it, climate change may be just one more disaster that no one can do anything about.

Math problem solving

Why mathematical problem solving matters

Author, Ian Bull,writes about why problem solving in mathematics is important. This challenge allows students to formulate a pathway to understand the nature of the problem.

Why it’s important to be a mentor

Robin Cox discusses how teacher mentors have a potentially life-changing role in encouraging students to be positive influencers in their communities.

In conversation: An update from Pam Hook

Pam Hook writes about her experience at the West Coast Principals’ Conference at Franz Josef in 2011. She dives into her adventures and the interesting things she learnt.

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