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Essential Resources for Learning at Home

Flexible home learning solutions are an essential resource for schools and parents. Essential Resources offers a range of digital resources and workbooks that cater to different learning levels. We understand the need for flexibility and continuous learning. Our home learning resources are designed to support your students, parents, whānau and caregivers through remote learning.

Our Home Learning resources are perfect for:

  • students who need content when they can’t be in the classroom
  • teachers that need curriculum-aligned content to send home with students
  • schools looking for cross-curricular resources levelled to each classrooms needs.

Learn more about the solutions that we have available or contact us if you have any specific needs for your school or classroom. 

Learning At Home - Digital Packs

$16.95 each

For activities that engage students while maintaining their learning when they are out of the classroom, look no further than the Learning at Home digital packs. 

Designed for teachers to pass to relievers, parents, caregivers and whānau when unexpected disruptions to learning occur, you can expect to find easy-to-follow content that keeps your students busy.  

The activities in each workbook have been written by highly experienced Aotearoa New Zealand teachers. Literacy and numeracy are the main focus of each pack, but you can be sure that creativity is supported in an ‘at home’ context.

You’ll also find Te Reo Māori Learning at Home and School. With a focus literacy and mathematics, these accessible, bite-sized packs offer an engaging entry point rather than taking an exhaustive approach to teaching and learning te reo.

Our latest digital packs, Te Tiriti o Waitangi | The Treaty of Waitangi, are designed to place te Tiriti in historical context and prompt students’ thinking about why it continues to be so relevant to the direction of Aotearoa New Zealand today. 

Explore the full range below, you’ll find preview pages for each pack.

Learning At Home - Print Packs

Up to 19 copies $16.95 each

20-49 copies 10% discount

50-99 copies 15% discount

100+ copies 20% discount

The Learning at Home workbooks are designed to engage students while maintaining their learning. Ranging from 52 to 56 pages, the activities in each workbook are easy-to-follow and levelled to cater for students from Emergent Level through to Level 4.

The workbook versions of Learning at Home digital packs have been created for:

  • parents, caregivers and whānau who want resources they can use to support their tamariki in learning while they are unable to attend school.
  • kaiako in kura auraki (mainstream schools) to support their classroom learning.
  • Anyone who does not have the means to print and distribute our digital Learning at Home

Up to 19 copies $16.95 each

20-49 copies 10% discount

50-99 copies 15% discount

100+ copies 20% discount

The best-selling, At Home with Maths Workbook series, has helped Kiwi children practise the maths skills they need to progress through the primary years. Written by Aotearoa New Zealand experienced teachers, each book is based on the latest requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum.

The workbooks’ attractive, inviting presentation also offers a welcome bonus: children will want to complete them. Perfect for parents to order on behalf of their children, or for schools to distribute amongst their classrooms, this series encourages learning at home and builds confidence at school.


How can I access the digital Learning at Home packs?

Accessing the digital Learning at Home packs is the same as accessing a regular Essential Resources ebook. Log into your Essential Resources account and click Filebox. Your learning packs can be downloaded from your Filebox by clicking Download PDF File. Save your learning pack to a safe place on your hard-drive or school server. Launch Adobe Reader and open your file or locate the file and double click on the icon. To download and view Essential Resources ebooks, including Learning at Home packs, you need to have the current version of Adobe Reader on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click here to get the latest version for free.

I’ve ordered more than one Learning at Home pack. Do I download them together or separately?

You need to download each learning pack separately.

Can I return my Learning at Home pack after purchase?

As they are digital files, we cannot accept any returns of ebooks. We recommend that you choose carefully and make full use of the Preview option for all books on their product page. Of course, to make a thorough preview, you can request a printed copy of the book on our 14-day right of inspection, then choose to return it and purchase the ebook.

What is the difference between the printed Learning at Home workbooks and the digital packs?

Digital Learning at Home packs are available to download in ebook format only. There are three series available at this time. Each pack contains 15 – 18 pages and is levelled to cater for Emergent level through to Level 4. Learning at Home workbooks are available in print format only. There is one book to cater to each level from Emergent through to Level 4. Each workbook contains 48 – 56 pages and combines of the content of three digital Learning at Home packs, at appropriate level.

Can I photocopy the physical Learning at Home packs?

No, these have been designed as student workbooks.

I would like a solution for my school or classroom, can I get a discount if I purchase several Learning at Home workbooks ?

Please see below for the pricing structure for the workbooks (Note: there is no discount for digital Learning at Home packs). Up to 19 copies $16.95 each 20-49 copies 10% discount 50-99 copies 15% discount 100+ copies 20% discount Mixed level orders can be ordered.

How can my students access these resources if they can’t come into school or I am isolating?

We can arrange a Learning at Home workbook to be sent straight to the students home address. We can also build the packs depending upon your needs. Please reach out via live chat, the contact us tab or by calling 0800 008 067. One of our team will be happy to help find a solution for your teaching needs.

I have students who cannot print off digital files at home, what is the best solution for me?

We recommend the Learning at Home workbooks (print versions of the Learning at Home digital packs), and/or the At Home with Maths Workbook series.

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