Tag: Development and Learning



Tag: Development and Learning

‘Teach better’ with Essential Resources’ collection of blogs and early childhood education resources. Here you will find blogs with an array of ideas for supporting children’s development and learning, including their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional skills.

Get insights from Anne Houghton on intentional teaching strategies. Discover new ways to incorporate reflective practice in childcare. Plus, see the stages of play as a framework for learning and development. 

Are you looking for resources to support development and learning? Explore our early childhood education resources. 

Intentional Teaching

Intentional teaching for early childhood

Experienced educator and recognised author, Anne Houghton, sets intentional teaching in its big-picture context to show its potential as an effective pedagogical practice.

Infant curiosity

How to create infant environments that spark curiosity

Creating environments that spark curiosity and wonder is not difficult and yet, at times, infant environments in early childhood settings can be sterile or uninspiring. Here I explore the notion of creating environments that spark curiosity in infants.

Just started teaching ECE

Advice for new early childhood educators

Being new early childhood educators can be overwhelming. There are many challenges that present differently in the real world compared to studying early childhood education and care.

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How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar

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Building Social and Emotional Skills and Wellbeing

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Cultural and Social Inclusion

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Foundations of Communication, Language and Literacy