Tag: Planning and Assessment



Tag: Planning and Assessment

Early childhood planning and assessment are those necessary tasks we reluctantly tackle. Yet, they are crucial for children’s learning and emotional, cognitive and social development. 

Our planning and assessment blogs are written by respected educators and authors including Bridie Raban and Anne Houghton. The aim is to give educators high-quality guidance and practical strategies to use within their early childhood education (ECE) setting. Get fresh ideas for planning and assessment in ECE, which are research-based, relevant, and with any hope, enjoyable! 

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Intentional Teaching for Early Childhood

Intentional teaching for early childhood education is deliberate and dynamic. When intentional teaching practices are adopted though, they create meaningful learning experiences that extend children’s thinking and development.

Assessment as Learning

Assessment as learning

Author Bridie Raban discusses how assessment as learning can help to identify where children are in their learning, development and wellbeing and how they can move forward.

Intentional Teaching

Intentional teaching for early childhood

Experienced educator and recognised author, Anne Houghton, sets intentional teaching in its big-picture context to show its potential as an effective pedagogical practice.

Infant curiosity

How to create infant environments that spark curiosity

Creating environments that spark curiosity and wonder is not difficult and yet, at times, infant environments in early childhood settings can be sterile or uninspiring. Here I explore the notion of creating environments that spark curiosity in infants.

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How to Teach Writing, Spelling and Grammar

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Building Social and Emotional Skills and Wellbeing

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Cultural and Social Inclusion

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Foundations of Communication, Language and Literacy