Tag: SOLO Taxonomy



Tag: SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO (structure of observed learning outcomes) Taxonomy is a powerful learning model. It is a means of making student learning visible. This starts with surface knowledge (prestructural) through to transfer levels of understanding (extended abstract). 

Our blogs show teachers how to implement SOLO within their classroom – regardless of the subject. Use this model to create balanced learning experiences for English language learners. Similarly, combine hexagonal thinking with SOLO to strengthen knowledge of climate change. 

Want to bring this approach to your classroom? We have resources with SOLO Taxonomy questions, templates, writing frames and differentiated rubrics, all to support critical and creative thinking.   

SOLO Taxonomy

How to use SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom

It may be baby steps at first, but soon it will be strides. First Steps with SOLO Taxonomy shows primary and secondary school teachers how to implement this powerful model of learning.

In conversation: An update from Pam Hook

Pam Hook writes about her experience at the West Coast Principals’ Conference at Franz Josef in 2011. She dives into her adventures and the interesting things she learnt.

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