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ISBN: 9781877536946
Code: 5517
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Watch your students jump at the chance to learn. This is a popular, innovative approach that entices students to engage with the curriculum in an authentic context. The book guides you in the creation of comprehensive digital learning centres with clear, jargon-free instructions, along with a bundle of ideas, for putting your centre to work in each area of the curriculum. It provides complete, easy-to-understand instructions for use with a range of software and includes a comprehensive web resource guide to link to learning needs.

Pages: 47 | Ages: 9-13

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About the Author

Picture of Angie Simmons
Angie Simmons is interested in current best-practice learning approaches that encompass thinking skills, collaboration and problem solving. As an experienced educator, she has worked broadly across the educational sector of New Zealand. She worked as a primary school teacher for many years and as a university lecturer, when she was head of an educational technologies programme and taught prospective teachers. In another significant educational role, she was a digital technologies professional development facilitator working with schools across the Auckland area to integrate future-focused learning within the curriculum.