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Say It Clearly

ISBN: 9781927190968
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Say It Clearly Cover
If you help young children correctly enounce sounds, they can articulate words more clearly. This book contains ideas and strategies for teaching the seven aspects of effective speech: relaxation, posture, breathing, resonance, articulation, modulation and forward placement. Each section has task cards that include tips about technique and exercises for the children to practise these sounds or methods correctly.

Pages: 64 | Ages: 4-8

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About the Author

Miriam Erikson (B.Ed, Dip Tchg, Otago, NZ) has been teaching speech and drama for over 25 years. She trained through Trinity College, London, and is currently researching, for her FTCL (Fellowship Trinity College, London), the effect daily speech exercises have on five-year-olds’ ability to enounce sounds correctly. Miriam also taught in the UK and is currently enjoying classroom teaching in Southland, New Zealand, as well as teaching speech privately to children and adults.

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