Technology Resources for Primary Schools

While the presence of Technology in the curriculum applies to a range of areas, including food and materials, there is now a strong focus on digital technology. The use of computers and other forms of digital technology is pervasive in 21st century life so it is important that all students have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and practice in this area. Essential Resources can help with this.

A starting point for resourcing if you are new to technology in the NZC is the Curriculum Planning Made Easy publication for New Zealand Primary Schools that focuses on Technology, along with Science and Social Science. A search of the other resources listed under Technology will offer you a range of publications to help with understanding digital technology and its many applications. These include aids to digital literacy, coding, story telling in the cloud, innovative learning and using assistive technologies to meet special needs. Check out the full list to find other resources to suit your students’ needs in this area.