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Strategies for writing poetry

ISBN: 9781877300349
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  • Aimed at Years 8-10 students
  • Contains pre- and post-test templates
  • Focuses on developing research skills - e.g. mind-mapping, referencing
  • Offers a wide range of practical activities
  • Encourages self and collaborative learning modes

The Add Value to Your Science Knowledge series offers a range of units designed to enhance value-added science learning. Each unit emphasises putting students in control of their own learning as they work through a sequence of tasks and helps to build the foundations they need for studying science at secondary school. All units operate on the principle that students benefit in the long term from a greater focus on 'learning to learn' and a deeper involvement with specific topics, rather than from a preoccupation with racing through content. By presenting knowledge in a range of different ways, the units also support a variety of learning styles and reinforce learning without inducing boredom.

Each unit can stand alone, or be incorporated with other work on the topic. Each begins with a non-threatening pre-test, which sets a baseline of what each student knows already, and concludes with a final test, which demonstrates the extent to which the student's knowledge has improved - a measure of the value added. The unit's photocopiable activities provide the supporting materials that motivated students can use to achieve full marks in the final test.

Unit topics centre around the following:

  • Book 1: science
  • as a tool to expand one's mind, and the branches of science
  • Book 2: laboratory-related work, and safe practices in the lab.

This series is designed for Years 8-9 students, as well as for students in Years 10 and 11 who have previously not gained essential skills.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 8-11

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About the Author

Christine Comerford is a trained primary school teacher who's interest and experience in reading and special needs learning led her into gifted education. She has done tertiary study in these areas and applied the principles she learned to the practical classroom setting. Christine has been involved in staff development, and has made presentations on gifted children.