Performing Starts Here


Performing arts script starters with links for integrated studies

ISBN: 9781877300677
Code: 0178
Performing Starts Here Cover
Switch them on with a script starter. Performing Starts Here provides scripts to prompt ideas for short dramas. While it offers themes and language that students identify with, it also leaves room for inspired students to add their own dialogue and flavour. Scripts are designed for smaller groups, giving students choice about the performance they want to be engaged with.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 11-13

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About the Author

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Marie Langley’s experience in education includes 19 years teaching in secondary and area (Years 1 to 13) schools, 10 years as head of an English department, and seven years as a deputy principal. Her published works include a thesis for a Master of Teaching and Learning degree, magazine articles, short stories, poetry, picture books, a junior novel and numerous educational resource texts. She currently lives and works in Golden Bay in the top north-west corner of the South Island of New Zealand.