A Book About Me


A workbook for self-discovery

ISBN: 9781877300776
Code: 0188
A Book About Me Cover
Set out on a voyage of self-discovery. A Book About Me encourages young children to explore their values and personal identity, and to understand and respect different cultures. It helps them develop critical thinking and promotes communication on topics like family, special events and food. Curriculum applications include health and language.

Pages: 44 | Ages: 5-7

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About the Author

Picture of Ruth Brassington

Ruth Brassington is a trained primary school teacher who, in nine years as a teacher of special needs students at the Correspondence School in Wellington, New Zealand, developed guidance material for parents, teachers and students. Ruth was a health education advisor at the Ministry of Health and is now a freelance writer and editor, specialising in health promotion and educational resources. She has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry for adults and children.