Let's Think Creatively


Activities to stimulate creative thought processes

ISBN: 9781877390265
Code: 0234
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Take a fresh look. The Let’s Think series motivates students to think of new ways of doing things, to think outside the square, to look at the world through new eyes and to ask "Why"? or "Why not"? A range of thinking skills is covered, from questioning to problem-solving. Activities across the series link together, making it easy for teachers to plan lessons or units at all primary levels.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 5-12

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About the Author

Picture of Jacqui Arnold

Jacquie Arnold has been teaching at various levels of the primary school for the past 10 years. She became interested in thinking skills while studying for her Master of Education degree at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. During 2001-2002, Jacquie developed and taught a programme for gifted children. She believes that it is important to implement thinking skills strategies in all areas of the curriculum as a way to encourage children to question "Why?", and to think "outside the square".