Restorative Solutions for Schools


An introductory resource book

ISBN: 9781877390425
Code: 0250
Restorative Solutions for Schools Cover
Put relationships first with Restorative Solutions for Schools. This resource offers a vision of a safe and orderly school based on processes that promote positive relationships and empower victims. It covers the philosophy and practical application of restorative practices in schools and includes templates and activities of proven effectiveness. It is a useful and relevant tool for any teacher or school embarking on a restorative journey.

Pages: 48 | Ages: 5-17

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About the Authors

Catherine Skudder has a depth of experience and many qualifications in both teaching and management. Her areas of expertise are special needs education, leadership and management, and behaviour management. She has worked in primary, intermediate, secondary and special schools in New Zealand and Australia.

Picture of Jim Peters

Jim Peters is a former secondary school teacher, counsellor and principal. He has had a long association with groups concerned with at-risk youth and was a founding member of the Youth Mentoring Trust. He has been involved with alternative education and with several community and school-based programmes in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Picture of Jude Moxon

Jude Moxon is a resource teacher of learning and behaviour based at Massey High School, a large multicultural school in West Auckland, New Zealand. She has extensive experience in facilitating processes that involve low-level and serious harm, classroom disruption and relational conflict.