Not Just Number


Motivational maths with animal grid drawings

ISBN: 9781877390524
Code: 0260
Not Just Number Cover
  • A motivating way to practise and consolidate mathematical concepts
  • Versatile resource that can complement a current animal unit or theme
  • Appeals to reluctant maths learners as well as aspiring artists
  • Activities cover a range of mathematics topics and levels of drawing difficulty
  • Designed for independent student work

Not Just Number combines mathematics and drawing in a unique and engaging way. Students practise and consolidate mathematical concepts and then use the answers as co-ordinates to draw various animals on to a square grid. Students will come to see that mathematics is purposeful, and even those who see themselves as "poor drawers" can gain great satisfaction from drawing many different types of animals - from a ladybug to a dinosaur.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 7-11

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About the Author

Picture of Sylvia Cilas

Sylvia Cilas is a practising teacher with 16 years of experience in the primary school sector, a Diploma of Primary Teaching and a Bachelor of Education. She currently teaches at a primary school in Queensland, Australia. The inspiration for her books comes from her own students, who road-test her ideas and creations.