What Makes a Good Teacher?


Thirteen traits to nurture in the 21st century classroom

ISBN: 9781877390623
Code: 0267
What Makes a Good Teacher? Cover
  • Original and inspiring perspectives on central professional development issues
  • Grounded in 30 years of experience of teaching and professional development
  • Diverse, accessible and practical strategies for use in the classroom.

What Makes a Good Teacher? offers 13 answers - or 13 characteristics that in combination can produce a quality teacher. These characteristics reflect the educational epoch in which teachers practise today while also recognising that some elements of good teaching are timeless. This thought-provoking resource encourages you to look afresh at the teaching landscape and your own teaching practice.

Pages: 48 | Ages: 5-17

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About the Author

Picture of John Hellner
John Hellner, a self-confessed "humorologist", has taught or worked as a teacher-educator in New Zealand secondary schools from 1975 to 2009. A former head of history at Auckland Grammar and deputy principal at Orewa College, he delivered the University of Waikato Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary) at Tauranga. He is currently working at Overseas Family School in Singapore. John has published articles on education, and he believes humour is vital in a teacher-student relationship, which enhances learning.