Festivals for Learning Bk 1


Theme-based activities to fit your lesson plan

ISBN: 9781877390722
Code: 0277
Festivals for Learning Bk 1 Cover
Go global with Festivals for Learning. The theme-based activities draw on the rich diversity of traditions and symbols from many festivals held around the world, ranging from Christmas to Chinese New Year. The unique activities cover many curriculum areas, including English, maths and social studies / studies of society and environment. They readily fit into a lesson plan, make excellent fillers and are a good resource for relief teachers.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 8-12

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About the Author

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Sylvia Cilas is a practising teacher with 16 years of experience in the primary school sector, a Diploma of Primary Teaching and a Bachelor of Education. She currently teaches at a primary school in Queensland, Australia. The inspiration for her books comes from her own students, who road-test her ideas and creations.