Clued Up on Current Issues Bk 1


Globalisation, war, world poverty

ISBN: 9781877440748
Code: 0370
Clued Up on Current Issues Bk 1 Cover
Clued Up on Current Issues Book 1, moves from the big picture to the individual, comes close to home, and considers different views of the topics of, globalisation, war, and world poverty. The result is a multilevel inquiry that brings together the wider implications of an issue, creates personal connections for the students, and stimulates their thinking on key issues.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 10-11

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About the Author

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Anna Kaye Forsyth (BMusEd) is a freelance writer and editor specialising in educational resources and the arts. She has worked in several primary schools where she developed a love for using creative thinking to stimulate learning. As a musician and poet herself, Anna is intrigued by the creative process, and helping others to think outside the square.