Emergency Science – Surviving Natural Disasters


The science behind earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis

ISBN: 9781776555444
Code: 51083
Emergency Science – Surviving Natural Disasters Cover
The book connects science directly with natural disasters and demonstrates clearly how understanding emergency science concepts can literally save lives – quite possibly those of the students and their families – during an earthquake, volcanic eruption or tsunami. The wide range of hands-on activities covers Earth’s layers, continental drift, tectonic plates, plate boundary divergence and convergence, heat transfer, real disasters, tides and moon phases, fossils and the rock cycle. Students are actively engaged as they explore scientific models based on observation and tested by evidence, and complete class-based resources.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 12-14

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About the Author

Picture of Brenda Greene
Brenda Greene gained an MSc from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and worked as a scientist, publishing papers on the genetics and conservation of New Zealand birds. She gained a Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Canterbury University, and taught science at the Orana Wildlife Park and in Christchurch secondary schools. She enjoys hands-on science, and is always inventing new experiments for her students to do.