Trouble with Tenses? Cover

Trouble with Tenses?

A guide to tackling tenses and other English language tangles

Trouble with Tenses? responds to several key needs shared by many EAL/ESL/ESOL students. These needs relate to the use of singular versus plural, tenses, punctuation, correct sentence structure, prepositions and homonyms.

In this book you will find an extensive collection of basic activities targeted at these needs specifically. These activities provide opportunities to practise and establish correct structures and patterns.

Ages: 7-10 | Pages: 56 | Code: 5153 | ISBN: 9781877300424

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Picture of Jenny Pyatt

Jenny Pyatt

Jenny Pyatt has taught at all levels in primary schools in a variety of classroom and managerial positions. Now retired and living by the sea, Jenny pursues her interests of writing poetry and photography.


Introduction 5
1. Leading with letters, words and sentences6
What is a letter? 6
What is a word? 6
What is a sentence?7
2. Pinning down punctuation 10
When do you use a capital letter? 10
When do you use a full stop?14
When do you use a question mark? 15
When do you use a comma? 16
When do you use an exclamation mark? 17
When do you use a colon? 18
When do you use an apostrophe?18
3. Hurdling homonyms 20
What is a homonym? 20
4. Teasing out tenses 23
What are tenses? 23
Practise the past 24
Practise the future 25
Past, present or future? 26
What are they doing?29
5. Sorting out singular and plural30
Singular and plural – what are they? 30
Making plural words 30
Unusual plurals 33
6. Polishing up parts of speech 34
What is a verb? 34
What is a noun? 36
What is a pronoun? 38
What is an adjective? 39
What is a preposition?42
Revision tests 44
Test 1: Capital letters and full stops 44
Test 2: More punctuation 46
Test 3: Homonyms and tenses 47
Test 4: Nouns and verbs 48
Test 5: More parts of speech 49
Assessment 50
Assessment kit – an overview 51
Identifying everyday objects52
Spelling: high frequency written vocabulary55
Mathematics 56