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Literacy and Inquiry Skills Made Easy: The sea

ISBN: 9781927143209
Code: 5582


Literacy and Inquiry Skills Made Easy: The sea Cover
Realise the potential. Inquiry learning offers exciting opportunities and this resource’s focus on the sea provides a stimulating topic that takes students through the inquiry process from planning to assessment. It pays particular attention to the importance of written and visual presentation of research findings. Graphic organisers, a sea fact file and a host of ideas for teaching students how to record and summarise findings are also included. This book links to the science, English and health curriculums.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 8-12 | Published: August 2011

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About the Author

An experienced and passionate teacher, Selma Owbridge has enjoyed teaching at all primary levels for the last 18 years, as well as working as a literacy leader/facilitator for an initiative with the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Selma is always thinking up new ideas and resources to help children learn. After completing a Computer and Business Administration Diploma, she wanted to use the computer knowledge she had gained to write inquiry learning books to support and teach children to use the computer skills they need to present all their wonderful ideas to an audience.

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