Maths Learning Goals Stages 6–8


A differentiated approach to reinforcing number knowledge and mathematical language

ISBN: 9781776550814
Code: 5887
Maths Learning Goals Stages 6–8 Cover
Are you searching for a clear, differentiated maths programme that your students can work through at school and at home? Is it hard to find truly helpful resources when parents ask how can they can support or extend their children? The Maths Learning Goals series reinforces number knowledge and mathematical language for all students in the class, including those who have areas of need, while linking learning between school and home through individualised learning goals. It develops instant recall of knowledge so that students can make the most effective use of strategies to solve problems.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 10-13

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About the Author

Picture of Rebecca Northe
Rebecca Northe is an experienced teacher, facilitator, educator and leader. She believes that maths is more than just knowing basic facts and being able to use varied strategies to solve number problems; for her, a well-balanced mathematics programme includes number and strand knowledge, strategies and opportunities for students to apply what they know when solving application tasks. Through her teaching experience at varied levels, catering for varied needs and stages, Rebecca has seen that many students lack key knowledge and vocabulary required to solve application tasks with ease and confidence. She has worked collaboratively with an array of maths experts and leaders, as well as facilitated sessions in various schools. As deputy principal, she has redeveloped how and what her own school teaches in mathematics to integrate number learning into measurement, geometry and statistics.