Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Year


Hundreds of ideas for supporting children with English as an additional language

ISBN: 9781925145168
Code: TS0291
Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Year Cover
This book features a strong focus on the characteristics of effective early years pedagogy and practice in the way educators support children’s learning and development of English proficiency through observation, assessment and planning, and the learning environment. All chapters contain key messages and some provide self-evaluation activities to support educators to reflect on their practice.

Pages: 112 | Ages: 0-5

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About the Authors

Dr Anita Soni is interested in working with children and their families in their early years of life, between birth and 7 years. She is enthusiastic about developing the skills of the Children’s Workforce, especially those working in Children’s Centres, and early childhood/years provision in the maintained, voluntary and independent sectors. This includes teachers, managers, teaching assistants, Family Support Workers, early years practitioners and childminders.

Liz Rouse is a lecturer in early childhood education at Deakin University.