Differentiation in Science Made Easy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in your science class could build on their learning about the same topic at a level that suits their individual needs and abilities? The good news is – there is a series that can help you make this ideal into a reality. The worksheets in Differentiation in Science Made Easy cover the same content at three levels: basic, proficient and advanced. Dealing with a great range of curriculum topics within each of four broad areas of science, the worksheets are carefully designed to achieve an appropriate balance between directly reinforcing learning and challenging higher-order thinking, based on each student’s current level of learning.

Ages: 13-16 years

About the Author

Picture of Samantha York

Samantha York

Samantha York teaches Chemistry and Science at James Hargest College in Invercargill, New Zealand where she is the Head of Science and Teacher in Charge of Chemistry. She is the past president of the New Zealand Association of Science Educators and has a background in gifted education and has worked as an advisor for gifted education and science in secondary schools Otago and Southland.