Building Maths Fitness

Each Building Maths Fitness book is packed with 20 weeks of daily maths cards. Aimed at 10- to 12-year-old students, the cards gradually become more difficult as the weeks progress. Each week the types of problems stay the same, just the numbers change. During the course of the week the students will gain confidence and show progress with their learning. Answers cards are provided.

Ages: 10-12 years

About the Author

Picture of Lucy Pritchard

Lucy Pritchard

Lucy has been a teacher in the Nelson area for 27 years, including teaching at Nelson Intermediate, Upper Moutere School and Waimea Intermediate – where she currently teaches a Year 7 class and is the syndicate leader of four classes. Lucy has completed a maths paper at Canterbury University and she was the lead teacher of maths for a few years at Nelson Intermediate. She has had a lot of experience extending capable students including teaching ‘enrichment classes’ and teaching a specialised programme called Future Problem Solving. In 2009 Lucy won ‘Science Teacher of the Year’ for her ongoing contributions towards students’ learning in the regional Science Fair, and she continues to enjoy motivating students in this area. English is another one of Lucy’s interests and she has been the lead teacher of English at Waimea Intermediate for a number of years. Lucy also teaches drama games to students from across the school.