Everyone's a Leader

Give children leadership opportunities to shine. This series offers a simple yet powerful way to incorporate character education into the curriculum. It organises the topic of leadership into manageable lessons with fun, meaningful activities and is designed to be used as a classroom programme or as part of a whole-school approach. This is a tangible way to help shape a successful, contributing new generation who make healthy choices and do the right thing - even when no one is looking!

Ages: 5-11 years

About the Author

Picture of Scott Balliet

Scott Balliet

Scott Balliet started his teaching career in America and has had a wide variety of teaching experiences in Australia since 2005. He is currently a Leading Teacher at Courtenay Gardens Primary School in Victoria where he teaches Multimedia/Digital Technologies. In addition to his specialist role, he also assists staff with using technology in the classroom as well as supervises a daily, student-run television show at his school. Several years ago, Scott helped his school win the Victorian Curriculum Innovations Award for their innovative use of technology and he has written over 10 books on various aspects of movie-making, Leadership and using technology in the classroom. In addition, he organises educational podcasts on Digital Technology topics - these are free for other schools to participate in at various times throughout the year.