Classroom Management

Use structure and strategies to establish a consistent classroom environment. This series develops an understanding of logistical, personal, time and curriculum management strategies for a secure and productive learning environment. It suggests strategies for managing difficult students, challenging circumstances and confrontational situations; and provides an insight into learning difficulties and disabilities with strategies for academic and behavioural accommodations. A variety of photocopiable graphic organisers and templates are included.

REVIEW of Book 1: I think this book would be ideal for a beginning teacher. It covers all those things a beginning teacher needs to know but don't get told about at training college. I have been teaching for eight years and enjoyed reading through and found the tips throughout the book helpful and even got a few new ideas for my classroom. This book will enable me to work smarter. Melanie Tatham Rich Taumata.

Ages: 5-16 years

About the Author

Picture of Donna-Marie Wardle

Donna-Marie Wardle

Originally from Townsville, Donna-Marie Wardle taught in a number of Australian states before relocating to Scotland where she taught in a behavioural school and subsequently as a support for learning teacher. Upon returning to Australia, she completed her Masters degree, majoring in special education/learning support, and took a leading position within a secondary school special education unit. She currently teaches in a rural single-teacher primary school and is studying for her doctorate in education.