Building Strong Mathematicians Book 2 Cover

Building Strong Mathematicians Book 2

Activities to reinforce and extend number and algebra learning

This title is designed to introduce and consolidate number and algebra strategies outlined in the curriculum. Packed with independent activities, students will have ample opportunity to practice and extend their knowledge in a number of ways.

Each section provides;
- an explanation of the mathematical concept
- curriculum documents to help with lesson planning
- activities with clear instructions for students
- answers to activities at the back of the book.

If you are looking for content to reinforce and extend learning of the number and algebra strategies in this book, check out Building Strong Mathematicians: Book 5 here.

Ages: 11-13 | Pages: 60 | Code: 51008 | ISBN: 9781776553853

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Picture of Caroline Mulholland

Caroline Mulholland

Caroline Mulholland is an experienced teacher and author. She has taught in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. When not teaching or writing, she is a busy mother of two. Her two children Emma and Jack are both her biggest fans and harshest critics and enjoy helping to test out her new books and to ensure there is plenty of fun alongside the learning activities. They particularly like trying any type of science experiments and activities that involve code cracking and logic skill.


How to use this book4
Curriculum links5
Inverse operations6
Build your maths muscles with inverse operations6
Activity cards: Revise your inverse operations7
Positive and negative numbers9
Build your maths muscles with positive and negative numbers9
Think positive ... and negative10
Activity cards: Revise your knowledge of positive and negative numbers11
Race you to the finish12
Two sides of the same line15
Ordering fractions and decimal numbers16
Build your maths muscles for comparing and ordering fractions16
Ready to order ... fractions17
Right along the rungs18
Build your maths muscles for ordering decimals19
Ready to order ... decimals20
Activity cards: Revise your decimal ordering21
Use your knock-out knowledge of fractions and decimals22
Rounding whole numbers and decimal numbers23
Build your maths muscles for rounding whole and decimal numbers23
Activity cards: Revise your rounding24
Fractions and the four processes25
Build your maths muscles for solving fraction problems25
Be awesome with adding fractions26
Be sensational with subtracting fractions27
Activity cards: Revise adding and subtracting fractions28
Be magnificent with multiplying fractions29
Be dazzling with dividing fractions30
Activity cards: Revise multiplying and dividing fractions31
Fraction problems on a puzzling path32
An amazing way through fraction problems33
Decimal numbers and the four processes34
Build your maths muscles for solving decimal problems34
Be awesome with adding decimals35
A total bargain36
Be sensational with subtracting decimals38
Balancing the budget39
Be magnificent with multiplying decimals43
Be money wise44
Be dazzling with dividing a decimal by a whole number48
Be dazzling with dividing a decimal by a decimal49
Activity cards: Revise your decimal division50
Percentages of whole numbers51
Build your maths muscles for finding a percentage of a whole number51
Activity cards: Revise finding the percentage of a whole number52
Quick quiz for brainiacs53
Selected answers56