Progress with Projects


A 'passion learning' approach

ISBN: 9781877300806
Code: 5191
Progress with Projects Cover
Uncover children’s passions. Progress with Projects inspires students to discover their interests so they can extend their learning. Written by Merrick Brewer the recently announced recipient of the NEiTA, National Teacher of the Year Award for Innovation, this resource will help students develop skills relating to deeper learning, self-questioning, problem-solving and decision-making. It is also a guide for independent contracts, and ideal for the classroom, extension ideas and home schooling.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 7-13

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About the Author

Picture of Merrick Brewer
Merrick Brewer is the 2009 recipient of the NEiTA, National Teacher of the Year Award for Innovation for his work in developing passion learning. He is currently an educator in Victoria, Australia, who has a particular interest and experience in working with young adolescent learners. He is enthusiastic about making learning relevant and meaningful through the use of real-life examples. His aim is to engage learners by encouraging them to develop their passions and interests. Merrick believes that passion learning is a powerful way to ensure that all children experience success in self-directed learning.