Duck Feet

ISBN: 9781927307977
Code: GE0107
Duck Feet Cover

"There is no question that poetry's rhymes and rhythms attract young children and help them to develop a love of language.

Developing a sensitivity to rhyme helps children progress in literacy. Listening to and learning rhymes lays the foundation for reading and spelling

Rhymes and poems extend and enrich children's vocabulary and introduces them to the idea of a narrative, taking them into an imaginary world.

Humorous poems and ridiculous rhymes will ‘hook’ children in and help them catch the rhythm of language and the power of world”

Jill Eggleton

Pages: 24 | Ages: 3-8

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About the Author

Picture of Jill Eggleton
Author Jill Eggleton, QSO, is an internationally recognised literacy consultant, teacher and author. She has won Storylines’ top award, the Margaret Mahy Medal, given annually for lifetime achievement and an outstanding contribution to New Zealand children’s literature and literacy.