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Parents as Partners - Engaging parents in their children's learning

ISBN: 9781921613500
Code: TS0181


Parents as Partners Cover

It is widely acknowledged that if parents are involved in their child’s early learning there is a positive impact on development and later school achievement. This book looks at how to build a positive relationship with the parents and carers of children in your program, whether you are working in a centre based or family day care setting. It offers practical advice on:

  • how to set up and maintain a respectful relationship with parents
  • what the EYLF expects of educators
  • how to encourage parental involvement
  • how to include fathers as well as mothers
  • working with hard-to-reach parents
  • how to connect and communicate with diverse families

Each chapter includes:

  • case studies of how different settings have fostered better relationships
  • pointers for reflecting on you own practice
  • further food for thought

Pages: 56 | Ages: 0-6

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About the Authors

Liz Rouse is a lecturer in early childhood education at Deakin University.

Jennie Lindon is well known as an early years consultant and author. She has been a prolific writer, offering a welcome blend of knowledge of child development with a practical understanding of the role of early years educators.

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