Learning Journeys with ICT - creative arts

Link education's two most powerful forces, creativity and ICT. These comprehensive, enlightening and user-friendly resources are all about maximising the "What if" in the classroom; generating new ideas and possibilities. They explore how ICT tools contribute to drama and focus on the use of digital tools to enhance visual arts and music in the classroom. These books have the potential to set your students on fire, creatively and motivationally.

Ages: 5-11 years

About the Author

Picture of Angie Simmons

Angie Simmons

Angie Simmons is interested in current best-practice learning approaches that encompass thinking skills, collaboration and problem solving. As an experienced educator, she has worked broadly across the educational sector of New Zealand. She worked as a primary school teacher for many years and as a university lecturer, when she was head of an educational technologies programme and taught prospective teachers. In another significant educational role, she was a digital technologies professional development facilitator working with schools across the Auckland area to integrate future-focused learning within the curriculum.