Numeracy Skills in Chemistry - Book 1 Cover

Numeracy Skills in Chemistry - Book 1

Atoms, molecules and moles

Dealing with topics ranging from atomic structures to reactions and an introduction to the mole, Book 1 includes worked examples along with practice problems that focus students on the mechanics of the numbers behind the concepts. The activities are suited to a variety of uses, including both individual and collaborative work. Model answers to most practice problems are also supplied. The essential message of this series is: don't stress the numbers - they can help rather than hinder students' understanding of chemistry. When used correctly, the measurements students take during an experiment bridge the gap between what they experiment with and the current consensus on how chemicals work.

Ages: 14-17 | Pages: 68 | Code: 51086 | ISBN: 9781776555505

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Picture of Ian Stacey-Winkles

Ian Stacey-Winkles

Ian Stace-Winkles graduated with a BSc from the Australian National University, before gaining a GradDipEd from the University of Canberra and a MEd from the Australian Catholic University. He has taught science at St Mary MacKillop College, Canberra, and is currently the science coordinator at St Francis Xavier College, which is also in Canberra. He enjoys fiery, colourful and flashy experiments and teaching senior students chemistry.

Introduction 4
1. Significant figures 5
2. Counting protons, neutrons and electrons 8
3. Periodic trends in atomic radius 11
4. Periodic trends in ionisation energy 14
5. Periodic trends in electronegativity 17
6. Calculating relative atomic mass 19
7. Calculating relative isotopic abundance 21
8. Ionic charges and formulae 23
9. Balancing chemical equations 25
10. Moles and molar mass 28
11. Moles - determining the moles of a given element 30
12. Moles - determining the moles of a given compound 32
13. Molar mass and Avogadro's constant 34
14. Masses to moles to molecules and atoms 37
15. An introduction to stoichiometry - moles to moles 40
16. Stoichiometry - mass to moles 42
17. Identifying a limiting reagent and predicting yields 45
18. Limiting reagent - predicting everything left at the end 47
19. Percentage yield 49
20. Percent error 51
21. Percentage composition 53
22. Empirical formula 55
23. Molecular formula 57
Answers 60