Making ICT Experts in the Classroom Bk 1


Step-by-step activities to develop skills with PC applications

ISBN: 9781877536311
Code: 5461
Making ICT Experts in the Classroom Bk 1 Cover
Create ICT experts in your classroom. This series supports both students and teachers with the development of core computer skills in basic, widely used PC applications (Word 2007, Publisher 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and Photo Story 3). Task cards provide step-by-step guidance and scaffold learning to match students' growing skills. These resources also link ICT learning to projects with a wider classroom theme or curriculum focus.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 5-13

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About the Author

Picture of Simon Evans

Originally from the UK, Simon has been teaching in New Zealand and working for professional development company Breathe Technology for the past two years. His passion for incorporating technologies into the learning environment and for enhancing digital literacy has motivated him to play his part in supporting teachers to meet the challenges involved in preparing students for the future.