Collaborative Reading Conversations


A literature-based reading strategy for the classroom

ISBN: 9781927143001
Code: 5567
Collaborative Reading Conversations Cover
Make a difference. This literacy programme gives you the information you need to introduce collaborative learning into your classroom literature activities. It supports the teacher in creating an environment where students can communicate effectively with each other and it gives them the opportunity to develop self-management skills. By actively engaging students in their own education this programme provides excellent results in motivation and reading comprehension.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 12-15

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About the Author

Picture of Terry Sheffield
Terry is excited about the obvious benefits of a student-centred approach to learning. A passionate advocate of student self-management through collaborative study, he knows that students teaching and learning from each other, together with planning and predicting the unit with the teachers gives the reading process relevance. Reading is a topic that needs to be talked about, with students, by students. It is a topic which creative teachers can use to encourage children to enrich their understandings of the world, both social and real. He writes resources that foster this methodology for teachers who feel capable of encouraging students to share some of the responsibility for their own education. Developed over 40 years as an educator and principal in diverse communities, he has acquired unique insights into what makes students tick and what makes teachers effective.