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SOLO Taxonomy and Making Meaning Bk 1 - Text purposes, audiences and ideas

ISBN: 9781927190920
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SOLO Taxonomy and Making Meaning Bk 1 Cover
Textual literacy is a cognitively demanding activity, requiring students to make meaning of many aspects of a text such as its purpose, audience, ideas, language features and structure. This series offers innovative and rewarding strategies for supporting this activity with visual maps and self assessment rubrics built from SOLO Taxonomy. By unpacking different learning verbs and text structures, these maps and rubrics help to scaffold the deep understanding of text that students need.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 12-15

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About the Authors

Liz McNeill has taught English for the past 16 years in New Zealand and overseas, and has most recently been the professional learning facilitator (SCT) and head of English at Lincoln High School, Canterbury. She is passionate about teaching and learning and loves to read young adult fiction. A highlight of her teaching career has been attending the 2007 International Conference on Thinking in Norrkorping, Sweden. A late introduction to motherhood has meant she has chosen to juggle relief teaching, caring for her young family and writing teaching resources.
Pam Hook is an educational consultant (HookED Educational Consultancy,, who works with New Zealand and Australian schools to develop curricula and pedagogies for learning to learn based on SOLO Taxonomy. She has published articles on thinking, learning, e-learning and gifted education, and has written curriculum material for government and business. As well as authoring and co-authoring more than 15 books on SOLO Taxonomy (some of which have been translated into Danish), she is co-author of two science textbooks widely used in New Zealand secondary schools. She is also a popular keynote speaker at conferences.
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