Story Seekers Class Set

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Story Seekers Class Set Cover

Make literacy cool with Story Seekers, a compelling series that is designed to lift the literacy skills of reluctant readers’ and ELL students through high-interest texts. Written at an approximately 8-year-old reading level and aimed at 10 to 12 years, each story is divided into short chapters ensuring content is manageable and achievable. As students work through each chapter there is a corresponding language task, providing ample opportunities for new vocabulary and grammatical patterns to be repeated and reinforced.

The series also includes an activity book to extend students’ literacy skills in a range of areas while catering to diverse learning styles.

Single books: $9.95, 12 or more books: $8.95 each.

We are running a special offer: Save 20% when you buy a classroom set. This includes three copies of each chapter book in the series and one teacher activity book (RRP regularly $398.15).

Pages: 32 | Ages: 10-12

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