Statistics and Probability Bk 1 Yrs 3-4


Tasks for thinking, doing and sharing

ISBN: 9781927273654
Code: 5844
Statistics and Probability Bk 1 Yrs 3-4 Cover
The task cards in this book will focus your students on essential concepts related to statistics and probability and give them the practice they need to master this important content area. Closely linked to the curriculum, this series is carefully differentiated and scaffolded with each book containing three ability levels.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 7-9

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About the Author

Picture of Vanessa Ryan-Rendall
Vanessa Ryan-Rendall is a primary school educator with a Masters of Gifted Education. She has worked in Australian schools in a variety of settings for 10 years. Her mathematics experience includes teaching across all stages of primary school and early years of high school, and writing for the New South Wales Board of Studies.