Say Read Succeed - Revised Bk 1


Nursery rhyme activities to build oral language and early reading skills

ISBN: 9781776551934
Code: 5922
Say Read Succeed - Revised Bk 1 Cover
Based on popular early years themes,Say, Read, Succeed provides a comprehensive programme to achieve key literacy goals, on the principle that stronger oral language skills will strengthen reading, writing and spelling skills. A learning outcome makes the intention of each activity clear to both teacher and students. Additional guidance comes from an assessment rubric: by making learning transparent for the student and the teacher, it shows where the student is at and what their next step in learning is, based on the three progressions of HOT – surface, deep and conceptual. All books are packed with attractive blackline masters, including an illustrated version of each poem.

Pages: 54 | Ages: 5-7

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About the Authors

Picture of Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith has taught young children for 16 years, and currently runs a small tuition centre. Many of her students have reading problems stemming from poor oral language skills. Sandy has worked in close partnership with speech pathologists, and now uses oral language goals as a basis for all her literacy-teaching programmes. This has proved successful, even in classes with a high proportion of students with special needs.

Picture of Marie Langley

Marie Langley’s experience in education includes 19 years teaching in secondary and area (Years 1 to 13) schools, 10 years as head of an English department, and seven years as a deputy principal. Her published works include a thesis for a Master of Teaching and Learning degree, magazine articles, short stories, poetry, picture books, a junior novel and numerous educational resource texts. She currently lives and works in Golden Bay in the top north-west corner of the South Island of New Zealand.