Mad About Dance & Mad about Drama

Creative, ready-to-teach units in dance and drama to help students explore, express, create and think about issues and problems that humans face. Each resource contains units based on appealing and accessible sources of motivation.

Ages: 7-13 years

About the Authors

Picture of Ginny Thorner

Ginny Thorner

Ginny Thorner is passionate about helping children to work, think and learn through performing arts. She has devoted much of her professional life to developing ways of weaving dance and drama into inquiry learning. She is a performing arts specialist with primary school students, teaches privately with Momentum Performing Art, is a key member of the Learning Through the Arts team and is a drama lecturer with teacher trainees.

Picture of Greg Pearce

Greg Pearce

Over the 15 years he has been a teacher, Greg Pearce has worn many hats. He has been a classroom teacher, specialist arts teacher, lecturer and adviser in schools. He has developed performing arts troupes and cultural groups, as well as being involved in musical theatre as a performer. He enjoys finding ways to make dance accessible to all teachers and students. A particular interest is promoting boys in dance. Together with Ginny Thorner, Greg teaches performing arts classes privately with Momentum Performing Arts. He is also a key member of the Learning Through the Arts team and is a co-director of the highly successful Christchurch Original Dance Festival.